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About my blog

Hello world, I am Miller Oluwasesan. C., B.Sc (hons) Zoology, Bowen University.

I am a Nigerian, amidst a lot of confusion and lack of inspiration in youths, I set out to make a difference, do something about it. I am always inspired by a lot of things so I decided to share my inspiration hoping to inspire youths. My motto is “INSPIRED TO INSPIRE”, and that’s what I set out to do.


So I was at home one boring day and talking plenty to my friend about my plans and a lot of things I intend doing, then she was like why don’t you just write it down or put it in a blog or something. I was like ” Point” two months later after piling so many thoughts on my head and stalking so many blogs, I decided to finally put my thoughts in writing. Note” I talk too much”.
So come with me on my journey of writing and let’s see if we can make a good writer out of me.

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Thank you for following, Stay blessed , stay tuned and be inspired.


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