Medical school isn’t easy here in Nigeria. Here we learn this art and science in unfavourable conditions, such as lack of light and environmental conditions that make studying easier. Still in all we are expected to improvise and learn this ancient art to be on par with our colleagues around the world.

Coming to med school I knew it wouldn’t be so easy, you can imagine trying to learn Anatomy Physiology and Biochemistry all in 18 months, while preparing for intermittent in courses(exams done at the end of a block of lectures) and the professional exams that mark the end of this 18 months. I am really thankful it’s more of a pass or fail system and I don’t have to struggle for grades… (I think that would totally drain me)

There are also days when I would be so tired I wouldn’t know how to think again and would just cry. The next day I would still wake up before the cock crows to get ready for the same classes to learn this art and science called medicine. In my few months in medical school I can say finding the strength to go on comes from within and on those days when I feel like I can’t go on anymore I look deep within myself and remember why I started out, the things that made me come into med school in the first place. I use that passion for health and wellbeing of people that thought that one day I too could help make a family happy and literally help save a life. I tell myself not to give up, I tell myself it’s only a passing phase, and I tell myself that it can only get better from here on out…