As I sat to compose this post, a lot of emotions ran through me along with the occasional confusion about what to title it. Its been a really long year, I practically got to my wit’s end this year and just when it seemed like I would throw in the towel God came through. This year I learnt one very vital lesson which led me to the title of today’s post (which happens to be the last post of the year) so I title today’s post to be “REFLECTIONS”

Why Reflections you might ask? 

Because, ” when I think about the goodness of God and all the good things he has done for me this year my very soul leaps for Joy!!!!” . like I said earlier this year I really went through a lot, often time while going through life’s experiences we tend to focus on how bad things have been for us and forget all the things that have been good for us and that we should be thankful for. That is where Reflections come in, to be able to look back and think on the old things to see how far we’ve come and in that we can be thankful.

“In life we are faced with many challenges and disappointments, in all there is always something to gain from these experiences that could make us better”

When this year started I had just been rejected from medical school, this meant I wouldn’t be going to school and I would have to do something other than medicine. Before this rejection I didn’t have a plan beyond going to school so I was really scared for how to survive the new year. Few weeks into the new year, I dusted up my Cv and started applying to various places which included banks, a magazine etc.

In doing all those I was able to feel the job seeking experience, which is filled with a lot of fear, confusion and disappointment. In all I was then able to get my goals and visions in perspective, I was able to realize what I actually wanted to spend the rest of my life doing and it definitely wasn’t working at a bank. I am greatly thankful for the opportunity to explore and know my strengths and weakness.

Realizing what I wanted to do to be in the business of service to man, helping to improve the quality of life of people I face that and made it my mission and taking it to God in prayer. I had to also be doing something while the admissions process was going on, I did a lot of improving myself, took some leadership courses, read some books that actually contributed to who I am today and honed my art skills.

Through these I was able to better myself and know who I really am by drawing close to my Maker. I also met a lot of great people who contributed to my life and made a better person than I was when I started the year

As the year drew towards the end my school of choice for medical school failed me and at this point my faith was shaken but at that point when I realized only God could help me and my unbelief, God came through with my Eleventh hour Miracle. My other choice of institution picked me and I know it was all Gods doing and for all these I am grateful beyond comparing.

So you might ask me what are the things I am grateful for, well here they are:

I am grateful to God for :

  • Bringing me to where I am today
  • Helping to mature a lot this year
  • All the amazing  people who He brought my way (Victory O, Mfon E, the Overflow choir, Seun O, Seyi A etc..
  • His goodness upon my family
  • All the experiences that thought me a lot
  • The grace to see this last day of the new year
  • Gods mercy upon my life
  • The opportunity to be an apprentice of the noble call of helping lives

Those are just a few, looking forward to a greater year ahead, Happy new year in advance.

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