Since I started med school a few weeks ago, I have struggled with a lot of emotions and fears. One thing I have come to realize about med school is that the best from everywhere are brought together and out in a class. All having special skills and capabilities that made them really the best. It gets easy along the line to get carried away trying to be like them but I realized that’s impossible. We are all different and strong in our own ways each capable in one area or the other, OK maybe some in more areas. The message below goes to you, myself and anyone reading this blog that just because you aren’t like that other person at work, career, marriage, etc doesn’t make you less a person it makes you human.

In life, everyone has his or her own time zone, that’s why we allĀ weren’t born at the same time or on the same day. Every man has his strengths and his weaknesses, no one is perfect and to try to be perfect is to give yourself a life time of sadness and unfulfillment. We all can’t run like bolt or think like Einstein nor have dexterity like Carson or have the musical acumen of Mozart. Not being able to do all these doesn’t make you a failure ,no it only shows you are human. You have the skills and stuff that you are good at and that is your path in life.

Everyone has his or her own lane in life and life isn’t a race but a marathon where there are no winners or losers just people who Finished and those who gave up along the way. With this in mind stop trying to run like someone else, face your lane and your timezone for you never started at the same time. America is never in a hurry to be in the morning with Nigeria, so why are you trying to run ahead of your time zone?

Run your own personal race at your own pace, remember consistency and hard work are the stellar hallmarks of great people. Be consistent, work hard and always keep you eye on your mission. Run at your own timing and when you finish you finish, its your race.

Sesansblog, 2016.