Hello world, it’s a new week, I hope with my last post I was able to light up a spark in your mind? Well, as with a flame I intend to fan it, so that little sparks becomes a raging inferno – Don’t worry I won’t burn down anything but the walls of limitation. I had to start with the mind because, “as a man thinks, so he is” thus limited thinking produces limited men. That held me down till I was able to pull down the walls of limitation in my mind and march to the gates of progress.


Today, I would like to make a case for hope, there are two things which we may have or haven’t been considering. Firstly I would like us to acknowledge that the ability to move our country Nigeria forward is in our hands. We are Nigeria and we decide our future and not the government. Onto the things we may have neglected considering are:

  • Exploration
  • Exploitation

Exploration involves searching out, looking for, researching etc. while exploitation involves making use of. There was a time in my life when all I did was exploration, just searching, acquiring knowledge reading up stuff, learning new things. All the information I had all the things I knew how to do didn’t count for much until I started to use them. Just like researching all the various recipes on how to cook a dish without actually ever cooking or even attempting to cook the dish. Also what good would it do us if we focus too much on doing without getting new knowledge? We may just end up doing the same old jobs, the same old filing and though we are so good at it, we would become obsolete, we would become old new. 

Take for example, a nation where a lot of focus is on exploiting and though there is a large pool of resource to explore they exploit just one. A time would come when that resource constantly being exploited would lose its value or be used up, then leaving the nation in a state of lack. Why? Because they failed to explore only focusing on exploiting.

This habit of exploiting only or just exploring only are caused by two major things, they are:

  • THE INABILITY TO TRY THINGS: this is what causes a lot of one-sided decisions, we seek to just exploit or explore only because we are afraid of doing something new. This reminds me of a time in primary school a particular method for solving a mathematical equation was hammered into our heads, though there were other methods we had to stick to the method we were more familiar with. I believe if we step more out of our comfort zone, we would realized there’s an entire world out there. We need to experiment more, believe it or not the world is changing we need to learn to adapt and go with it.
  • GETTING TOO COMFORTABLE IN OUR SUCCESS: this can be as a result of a destructive philosophy, we have done something extraordinary then we just relax on that success. There was a time in Nigeria that the economy was diversified, then oil was discovered, gradually we started to relax on that success forgetting other resources. Till Oil prices started to drop and lacking any reserve we are in a fix. The reason this happens is that our success becomes all we know so we never try something new.

The only way out is to look more into trying to balance exploring and exploiting, that way we are constantly innovating never just relaxing on our success. Mobile phone companies are constantly doing this, researching new tech and applying that new technologies. 

With this mind-set of balance, we get short and long term results, efficiency and innovation, discipline and flexibility, clarity of direction and empowerment, internal and external focus and finally productivity and growth focus.

How do we move forward?

  • Think ahead always
  • Always encourage challenge
  • Be sceptic of success.

I would be talking on the points mentioned above in my next post next Monday, stay tuned.

Thank you for reading this article, I would really love to hear what you think of this article. Leave a comment at the comment section. Cheers.

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