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From my last post which talked about vision, on Sesansblog, you would notice my mantra says “inspired to inspire”. I have been inspired by so many things in my really short life and I want to share my inspiration with you. For some time I have been disheartened at the state of Nigeria today, Nigeria is a nation so blessed yet a large population of Nigerians aren’t enjoying the blessing of Nigeria. Why? I asked myself. It took me a long time to get some answers and these are what I have started to share from my previous post of wasted and vision.

Growing up there were a couple of things I believed in, such as hard work and doing the right thing. There were some things that I learned through my family and environment which shaped me into the man I am today. These things are also what made Nigeria what it is today and it’s these things that has put Nigeria into the trouble and problems Nigeria is in today. These are what ,after much deep thinking and seeking out, I discovered and would be sharing with you. They are Philosophy and Values. It’s philosophy and value that makes a man who he is and what he would be. Many, myself inclusive due to the environment we grew in, learned some destructive philosophies and that is why our country is how it is today. Let us note that we make up Nigeria so what affects Nigeria affects us equally and what affects us affects Nigeria.

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Philosophy according to Merriam Webster dictionary is defined as the most basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes of an individual or group. Philosophy can also be a set of ideas which guides a person’s thinking and attitudes.

With the above definition of philosophy, it shows that philosophy is the most basic part of a person, for as a person thinks so the person would act. For example, at a time in my life I always had this issue with the mathematics subject and I truly believed I never could know maths till I shook off that thinking. Believe it or not everyone has a philosophy. The problem however is that as a result of association, circumstances and environment, we have learnt some destructive philosophies and that is what affects a lot of us. Below are some destructive philosophies:

  • Life begins at 40
  • I can always do it later
  • When I make it I would start saving
  • There’s no hurry in life so relax and enjoy yourself, when the
  • time comes you would be serious
  • Life is short so just go with the flow
  • What use is planning? nothing is certain, so I would take life as it comes
  • I am not old enough to make a difference
  • When I become the leader I would work on my leadership skills

These are just a few philosophies that are common and I can associate with most of it, as I had most of these destructive philosophies till I took the conscious step to break these philosophies and adapt some better philosophies. Changing a man’s philosophy is the same as changing a person’s life. When I changed these destructive philosophies, my life changed. A while back I took a leadership course where I was introduced to the Lion’s philosophy, and this helped to guide me on my path to better philosophies, thus a better me.

They are:

  • To continue dominating and leading, our young must be trained deliberately and we must share this responsibility
  • We take responsibility for our survival as early as possible so we ensure development of leadership skills and strength to survive.
  • Together we can achieve successes that is beyond our individual reach
  • Planning works more effective in catching our prey than running in disorganized….
  • Enjoy successes for a short while then go back for greater pursuits.

These are just a few of the Lion’s philosophy that I was introduced to, I started applying them and they worked in changing my life. It’s due to the thinking of the Lion like this that makes it the king of the jungle though it’s not the tallest nor the strongest animal in the jungle.

Values can be said to be what we prize or hold in esteem, so when you hear someone say,”can’t do this, it goes against my values”. The person is saying he/she can’t do it because it goes against what he/she holds in esteem. Therefore values are qualities, attributes, standards that we prize or hold in esteem. Our values go hand in hand with our philosophies, our values shape who we are. In some cases and circumstances our values determine what we do or don’t do. Some examples of some values I have come to imbibe that go along with my philosophy include:

  • Getting to the top is a must but not at the expense of others
  • I would never take the glory for someone else’s work
  • Integrity is my watchword
  • I will live and die by my ethics
  • I would stand for what is right regardless of its costs.
  • Never look down on anyone

Philosophy and values are very important to any man, organization and or nation. The right philosophies and values make a great man and it is vital to develop and adapt the right philosophies and values. Therefore I would recommend you today to imbibe and develop good values and philosophy and to shun destructive and limiting philosophy. Sign up for an online leadership course, read a book or two on leadership. Have a lovely week.

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