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Vision is one of the most important things in life, career, business etc. Without vision it is practically impossible for a man to go anywhere. Merriam Webster dictionary defines vision as something seen, the act of seeing, a thought or concept formed by the imagination.

To better buttress my point let me chip in this analogy:

It’s the holidays and you were granted leave from work, your other colleagues who were equally granted leave have made plans to stay at home and sleep through the leave but you wanna travel, you wanna leave the same old, sights and sound, you want a change of scenery.
You have an idea already of where you would like to visit. You want to sightsee and you just have 2 weeks for this. You envision Benin City with its historical sights, also some relics from the old Oyo empire and the ancient city of Ile-Ife. So you make your research, find out if you can sign up for the tours and all. When all these planning has been concluded, you set a time frame so you would end up using a week and half, so you have the remaining half of the second week to rest and prepare for work.

In this analogy above, there are three things to take home:

  • Vision 
  • Setting goals and planning 
  • Timing

Vision is the first aspect of anything we want to do. You envision what type of meal you want to have, you see it in your mind’s eye. You have a vision of how you want your life to look like this year and so on. Vision is the very first step.

As a leader, student, or anyone in any work of life, we all can agree that we need vision. Apart from seeing with our physical eye, we need to be able to see with our mind’s eye. As a businessman, you need to have a vision to start your business else you would waste time and money. As a student you need to have a vision for your career and academics. Where do you want to get to? How well do you want to pass? etc. As a person, you need to have a vision for your life. Little wonder companies on hiring would ask you, “where do you see yourself in… years”. They don’t ask this question out of routine or to stress you, they simply want to know if you have a vision for your career.

So dear reader, vision is vital and It’s not enough to have a vision in your head, take it a step further to write it down. Having a vision is however the first step of the journey, having the vision is knowing where exactly you plan to go. Next you have to make plans of how to get to where you are going and also a time estimate of how long you want to get there.

For example, I have a vision to become a better vocalist before the year runs out, so I make plans that I would register for voice training classes, train my voice for a specified period daily, avoid food that would affect my voice etc. I would also make a time frame for these goals. Also other than having a vision and plan to achieve it, with respective goals and time frame for achieving my goals, I would have periodic check-ups to know how far I am going with my goals. This would include me listening to an old voice recording and a recent one to see the improvements, asking people to rate my progress etc. That way I know my progress level and if I am any step closer to my vision.

Let’s have an assignment. Write down your lifes vision. Ensure it includes all areas of your life (family, career, financial, e.t.c). Now, break it down so each area has a plan on how you intend to achieve it and a time duration. Be honest with yourself as this would require a lot of soul searching and honesty.

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