I once heard a saying that, “Youth is wasted in the young and Wisdom is wasted in the Old“. At first I objected to the saying and set out to debunk it. I was really determined to do this and after a lot of findings and research I realised the following:

  • Youth is wasted in the Young.
  • Wisdom is wasted in the Old.

Youth is wasted in the Young: Youth is defined according to the Merriam Webster dictionary as a time when one is young. From this definition and the earlier saying, it means many young people waste the time when they are young. This is clear as we have a lot of young people without vision, goal, direction or purpose in the world today. So much potential yet so much ignorance. Youth is beautiful for we are at our strongest, sharpest years and brightest years. However, with so much vitality we possess, it is sad we haven’t applied these to the right things. We either limit ourselves saying we are too young or we just waste opportunities to make serious difference.  We are so much carried away with the now, giving no thought of the future. Not that that’s a bad thing, but everything done now should be an investment for the future. Like a saying once said, “Enjoy today but give thought and prepare for tomorrow “. What would tomorrow say about us?

Wisdom is wasted in the Old: There is this saying that “what an old man can see sitting, a small child can’t see even if he stands on the tallest tree“. Sure the old man can see it because in his days as a youth he has climbed so many tall trees so basically he has seen it all. Having wasted our youth and having spent all our time doing a lot of unworthy things, we get wiser and start to try to chase the right thing. For some it doesn’t get too late before they see the proverbial light. For some it’s a little too late, they have all that wisdom but their strength is all gone.
Some say experience is the greatest teacher, but what they fail to tell you is that experience is a harsh teacher. It’s better to learn from someone else’s experience and make it an example to your life. It would be a thing of joy if a lot of young people can get the wisdom that’s wasting in the old. If they can just use the wisdom along with their strength to make their lives easier and the world a better place.

Ask yourself this today, are you wasting your youth? Are putting a lot of today’s things to tomorrow? Maybe it’s time to tap into the experience of the old and wise, Join that with the strength and vital of your young years. They are iron, let them sharpen you. You don’t have to waste your youth or waste the wisdom in the old. Someone more experience would always be will to share. Remember in all your getting get wisdom.

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