“It is well with you”
They all say and walk away,
Leaving me with my problems

With an aching heart
And unbearable pain,I weep!
Wondering if I’ve erred anyone.

Voiceless screams,
Uncontrollable tears,
Crying out for help,all to no avail.

Alone with my troubles,pondering
I looked up to the heavens
From where cometh my help?

So,this brand new day I proudly say,
I met the balm of Gilead yesternight,
That assured me that by His stripes I’m healed.

He looked upon me,
And I sensed pure love,
He watched me rise!

He made me whole.
I’m healed!
My ‘pain days’ are over!

No more sorrow
‘Cause the power that surpasses all powers
belongs to the Most High.

-Similoluwa (O.S.O)

Similoluwa is an inspiring writer with great dreams.