The end of a thing is actually the beginning of another. When an event comes to its end, it’s only for another event to begin. There are no endings just new beginnings Oluwasesan Miller

The above was a little statement I had written for my students back when I was tutoring on the use of computer. It was supposed to be a speed typing practical, anyways after the class, I sat and I pondered over what I had written.

Life as we know it is actually a series and summation of events. Everything that happens is an event, when you are born, your first cry, your first steps, your first run in with bullies, your first exams, your first kiss, your college days, service days, post service, meeting the love of your life etc.

Every day is an event, however in the sum up of our lives their are certain monumental events. I pondered all these thing as I sat back in the class that day. It opened my eyes to two things;

  • Firstly, No event lasts for ever therefore rather that counting events make events counts.
  • Secondly, when an event ends there is no need to be sad about it, but rather be thankful it happened and prepare for the next event.

This whole epiphany happened towards the end of my service year. When service ended, I looked forward to a better event, such one where I would be in Medical school training to be a physician or earning huge wads of cash. Sadly this events haven’t begun yet, rather I was opened to the event of self discovery and preparation for when the aforementioned.

Life is a summation of events, every event has an appointed time to happen. When it does, be sure you seize it and run with it till the beginning of another event.

In my life there are no endings, Just new Beginnings.(This week is ending? Or is another week beginning?)

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