Life should be better, richer and fuller for everyone with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth– James Truslow Adam, 1931

The above is the dream that attracts a lot of immigrants to America “The Land of the Free and the Bold”, It’s is the American Dream . It even has a couple of Nigerians selling their properties striving to get to this Land, seeking greener pastures. The American dream is that there is freedom, that anything is possible provided you work hard. Conspiracy theorist would disagree with me but I still hold on to my view that it is the American dream that has helped America reach where they are today.

In Nigeria there has been a lot of talk about restructuring, and I keep asking myself, “what are these lads restructuring?” Before we start restructuring, we need to know these: are we doing it to please a region of the country or are we doing it because we want a better Nigeria for our children and children’s children?

To start with, Nigeria was stitched together by an English Lord Lugard while Europe was struggling to share Africa into colonies. In doing so he brought together so may tribes and ethnic groups who didn’t even want to be together. This has led to inevitable strives between communities and ethnic groups.

What has happened has happened. That was 1914; this is 2016. There have been so many technological and educational advancements. The country is not smiling on its people, many tribes don’t get along, and there is no oneness. Some have even called for the splitting of the country in respective regions, which isn’t going to work as smaller ethnic groups in these regions would request for their own freedom along the line, thus chaos.

Back to the question, what is the Nigerian dream? What is that thing that we hold dear as a country? Is it equal opportunities for all? Is it that we can all make it if we work hard in our respective social classes? Some nights, laying on my bed in the darkness because Power Distributing companies have decided to withhold the power, I ask this question.

If we are to talk about restructuring, then, the first thing ever to be done is to restructure our mindset. We are accustomed to these words: me, my and mine. So we do not see beyond our arm’s length. It is because our mindset are they way they are that the government would repair roads and create drainages yet we would fill up the drainages with trash. When the rainy season comes we would blame the government that roads are flooded and the cycle starts again. An honest evaluation of our reasons for restructuring, a conviction of our wrong and a will to repent are the founding blocks to building a better country.

When our minds are restructured, things will be done accordingly. Contracts would be awarded and contractors would work effectively. We would work hard and eat the fruit of our labour. We would produce here and grow our economy and not be overly dependent on others for survival. What happened to a time like when the founding fathers fought for a collective goal? If we keep agitating for a cessation because the country isn’t going well, what happens when the new republics start failing? Mindset is what we need to change, we are a country so blessed and rich both in resources and intellect but sadly most great minds aren’t put to use..

What is the Nigerian dream? This is a question I would keep asking because I don’t know what it is. What are the values we hold dear as a country? These questions can’t be answered by politicians or the government but by Nigerians.

What is the Nigerian Dream? In case you know it please share your views on Twitter with the hashtag #NigerianDream. Be sure to mention me @scmill3r in the tweet. Let us build the Nigeria future generations would remember us for.

Thank you for reading.

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