The rains are here, heavy they come
Each one heavier than the last
They seem to be in competition
This takes me back to the good old days
When the rains would come, Then would we chant
Rain! Rain! Go Go away !!
Come again another day !!
For little Children want to play !!,

We would have our eyes at the ready
Waiting for mother to turn her back for a second
Away into the rains we go,
Naked except for loin clothes
Running around with tongues out trying to taste the rain
Mother would notice and with a stern face call to us 

Those without the courage for the stunt
In their room actively constructing contraptions,
Waiting for the rain to stop
Making their paper boats with which to sail the puddles
Each man the captain of his boat
Those were good times

This days we have grown too big for those antics
Now it is we calling out to the children saying,
“Come here you foolish child, before you catch a cold”
In our hearts we smile for these we did too
These day we are laden with burdens and work
Rather than watch the rain from bedroom windows making paper boats
We watch it from office windows while filing reports

Sometimes I close my eye and step into the rain,
I go back to that place, when I was happy, when I was a child
I walk into the rain, face raised to the sky
Tongue out trying to taste some rain,
I guess the child in me refuses to die.

Thank you for reading