Day three into the 30 day blog challenge and looking at today’s topics It’s a beginning to look more like a therapy session. It’s getting personal the more I go down the list but I have to continue, I guess that’s why it’s called a challenge.

So enough rambling, unto the topic of today, had I been asked this exact question 10 years ago I would have given a rather unsavoury answer.

Today’s Challenge has me describing my relationship with my parents. To describe the relationship I first have to briefly describe who my parent’s nature. My father was former Military so he was really serious about manners, good behaviour, conduct etc., In summary he was really strict. My mother is well strict too, she wanted to Join the police force in her younger days but her father was against it with the reason she would probably get killed because she was too strict.

My Father
My Father

I grew up in a typical Nigerian household with the rules and strictness, sadly young me was bent on not being bent. My relationship with my parents was really strained at this time due to my stubbornness, I was always getting whipped and punished. I really hated them for this but this helped me as I grew up, I know how to avoid trouble and avoid getting caught.

Now I am older and I see all that’s happening in the world. Children get pregnant, underage drinking and every other vices children and teenagers are involved in these days. I really appreciate my parents for all they did for me, all the discipline they had instilled on me helped mould me into who I am today.

Everything I am today is because of how my Parent’s raised me and their prayers, thankfully it’s mostly good

I however regret letting it get too late before trying to develop a proper relationship with my parents. Their strictness actually made me not dare tell them the things I was going through as a teen.

When I was finally getting closer, death struck and took my father away. In this time of pain and grief, the relationship between my mother and I has greatly strengthened. I can tell her about almost everything from my fears, to girls, etc. As much as it’s awkward for me to say this as it sounds awkward, “My mum is my best friend and My first Wife“.

My mum’s prayers keep me going. 

My First Wife
My First Wife

So to answer the question, My relationship with my parents can be likened to the relationship Gold ore and the Refining Furnace have. Though I have been inconvenienced and punished, these experiences have moulded me into the Man I am today. I am Gold and  my parents helped to refine me.