Hello reader, I hope you really enjoyed the last post? I hope you got to know a Little bit about me? Anyway moving on to the topic of today’s post.

Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/starwars-l2JJwoI01FCRpfQE8
Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/starwars-l2JJwoI01FCRpfQE8

I would be talking about 3 Fears I have and why.
There aren’t a lot of things I get scared about…

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Well maybe there are a few things that make my hair stand. It is noteworthy to state that it’s ok to have fears, so long these fears don’t rule your life and limit you in life.

Here goes the fears…

  1. Dying without Fulfilling my Purpose : whenever I start to slip up and get complacent, this fear helps keep me in check. It’s often said that the graveyard is the richest place on earth. So many dreams, ambitions, great minds etc., go there to cool off and decay. A life lived without purpose is like cooking rice without eating it, after the rice is done you just throw away the rice. What then is the use of cooking the rice. So is a life lived without having a purpose. I never let this however cloud my judgement, I steadily chase my purpose knowing every man(and woman) has his own time, which should not be rushed.
  2. Marrying the wrong woman: The second most important decision a person can make in life is the choice of who to marry. The wrong choice of partner can really derail a destiny if not even lead to untimely death(suicide). That is the reason a lot of marriages are breaking up and it’s due to getting married to a lot of wrong people. The rushing into marriage because you are getting old, or because your friends are into it and so on. The same way people rush in is exactly how they rush out. Those who lack the liberty to run out stay in this unsavoury situation which disposes them to a lot of dangers. I see marriage as a life sentence, so why spend the rest of your life in a war zone when you can live it in peace and tranquillity. As common saying in Nigeria goes, “shine your eye well well!!
  3. My third greatest fear is Humans, yes I fear humans so much. I take a look at some of the weapons we have created to destroy our fellow humans. Nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons etc. The way I see it we may not need an earthquake or a great flood to destroy the earth, we are already heading that way. Different countries testing different weapons of war, the nuclear weapons stockpiling, global warming, synthetic viruses. In my list of likely events to end the world, a world war would do that with all the weapons the so called “world powers are creating” and maybe global warming or the zombie apocalypse.


SOURCE: bit.ly/DeadHeatShudder
SOURCE: bit.ly/DeadHeatShudder

So reader there you have it, I would really like to hear your top three fears too. You can tweet at me @scmill3r with the hashtag “#top3fears”, I look forward to hearing from you.

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