So I decided to take a 30 day blogging challenge, not really one for challenges but I realised it’s always ok to step outside your comfort zones once in a while. Join me in this rollercoaster of blog posts where I mostly ramble and hope they make sense.

I was surfing the Web looking for a theme to use for this 30 day challenge, let’s just say Google knows how to bring some irrelevant links. I eventually found a challenge where I would be given topics to talk about and I fulfil the challenge before the day ends for 30 days.

As Today marks the start of a new month.. (in Kevin Harts voice), “Let’s ride”.

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Today’s Challenge would be me telling you 20 random facts about myself, here we go;

  1. My Name is Miller Oluwasesan, I hail from Ondo state in Nigeria and I am Half Igbo and Half Ijaw-arogbo.
  2. I am a recent graduate currently riding the motions of unemployment and discovering himself.
  3. I really hate “the conventional way”- doing things the way it’s always been done. It really gets under my skin having to do it the way it’s always been done, makes me feel so un-original.
  4. I used to believe in fairytale and science fiction then I grew up. I guess I am not gonna be spiderman and save the world after all.
  5. I have a huge hero complex, yeah you heard that right. I want to save the world, do heroic stuff. As I got older, I realised being a hero was more than putting on spandex and a cape. It’s more about touching a life, giving hope… Or so I think.
  6. I like food, I really love food, I hope to taste every food/dish the world has to offer before I die. Someone once asked me if I eat to live or if I lived to eat well, I think I live to eat.
  7. I really hate travelling, more like hate the travelling process. Travelling would be more pleasant if I could teleport to skip the time taken in travelling.
  8. I am really not a funny person, I could make the funniest joke dry.
  9. I hate writing, I wish I could just think and the pen would pick itself of and start writing… that’s would be the day.
  10. I get bored easily
  11. I fall in love easily, I guess it’s all the Disney fairytale.
  12. I fall out of love easily, I really need help or deliverance. I guess it’s has to do with me getting bored easily.
  13. I love books, books have helped my imagination skills plus they make good pillows..
  14. I draw, or rather I dabble into drawing among other arts like singing.
  15. I hate watching football basically I hate watching sports.
  16. I enjoy my company more than anything in the world.
  17. I am single and currently not searching, it’s too expensive to be in a relationship at the moment.
  18. I Love dogs.
  19. I love really smart and intelligent people, I feel I too would be like them if I associate with them.
  20. My facts would not be complete without mentioning that someday I will be a Physician. Till that time however, I hope to inspire the world in my own little way.

So that’s all the random facts about me, look out for the remaining 29 days. Enjoy your evening.

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