A child is born, full of hopes, she is a female child. She takes her first breath, she smiles for the first time and the whole world actually lights up. She is born into a life she never chooses, a world she never had a choice but to come into.

Fast-forward a few years later, the build up of hormones in her body have maxed. Puberty hits her, her body starts to change, at a time she starts to feels like a stranger in her own body. All this while she has been told she was made from a man’s rib, told to submit to that man when she finds him, told to love him and cherish him. She is trained to be able to care for this man, she learns to cook, learns to clean, learns to take care of his children and be his wife.

Over time she starts to understand the changes in her body, she realises her walking alone makes boys her age feel giddy. Boy want to come close to her, they want to help her explore this changes. She has been forewarned about this, she was prepared because apart from her body being God’s temple, she’s also keeping it for the man whose rib she came.

She’s older, met a couple of men she hoped was her man, they however turned out to be posers, she has had her heart broken and she has been abused. She finally meets the man, her man, who loves her like he’s supposed to. He respects her, cares for her and she gives her life and her body to him.

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She is pregnant and carries his children, bringing them to the world. Every single time, it’s like her body is being torn apart and every single time she cries. Every single time he tells her, “Just one more push, you are almost there, sorry, Just Push“. As these children grow she is their protector, guarding them like a mother hen. She teaches them everything she has been taught about life, she cares for both them and for her husband. She still has a career where she excels at, she has a home that she has held tight. She has had to tuck her husband and her children to sleep, she has woken before everyone wakes and she prays for her husband and children. My father met this woman, she brought me to this world. I pray to meet this woman who is the rib of my rib and who would love me till death parts us.

She is a baby, she is a girl, she is a woman, she is a mother, and through her nations have and will come forth…..

Photo credit: Abigail and Tosin Akinyemiju

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