Source: ShutterShock
Source: ShutterShock

As I write this letter I am heavy with child, it’s the most exhilarating feeling. It’s like someone took a mass spectrum of feelings, blended it and poured it in me.

I am with child, a beautiful child. It started like all other children, a little zygote and it continued to expand and get bigger and bigger.

I am with child, an amazing child. As it grew so did my restlessness grow. I remember waking up those nights; I remember that irritating feeling; I remember when I was getting too much sleep I would start to feel light-headed and breathless. I remember the weight I gained trying to feed this child. I remember cutting diets that won’t help this child grow healthily.

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I am with child. This great child has cost me a lot; I no longer have time for some binges I was used to. I sometimes still miss those times, now I guard this child with all I have, blocking threats to its safety. I block both external and internal threats that threatened to abort it.

I am with child and I am threatened, who would want to harm this lovely child? I do my best to bring this child to term, life, however has other plans. I go into labour way too early, oh no, my child isn’t ready yet, this cold and wicked world means to hurt my child. Oh no, my child is going to have to face bullies, competitions, heart breaks and all other life’s uncertainties.

Finally I have put to bed. It’s all silence as it’s born, there is this air of apprehension at the delivery room. I can literally hear the heart beats of everyone else. All eyes on me, a streak of tears rolls from my eyes. Suddenly, this little creature realises it’s no longer in that safe cocoon, it takes its first step to life, and it takes its first breath and cries. The whole world seems to slow down for a second, then an uproar of voices “congratulations!!.

As I watch my child from my bed, I can’t help but think about all this child is going to put up with. The trials to face, everything life would throw at it, but I have this assurance it would survive. I would invest all I have, my time, energy, strength and my all to make sure when it’s time for it to go out on its own it would do well and stand the test of time.

I love this child. This child started as an idea and will go on to change the world.

-This is dedicated to everyone out there who is heavy with an idea….

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