Hello World!!!!

I am back!!!! Whoop!! Whoop!!

That’s for staying tuned, for today’s post will be sharing a flash fiction story I wrote some time back, tell me what you think, Enjoy!!

White walls, white walls, white walls, it’s all I see. These voices come every night to torment me, they come to make me suffer. When I open my mouth to scream, they hold me down, their appendages like needles pierce into my skin. I am unable to fight back, like an ugwu leave dipped into hot water, I just watch unable to scream, or maybe I scream my loudest, but no one hears like in a dream, they rip my mind to shreds and as soon as it begins it is over.

They bind me, they strap me to a chair, I am led out through white doors to a white hall, into a white room. “How do you feel?, did it happen again last night, Nod if you understand me“,says a man in a white coat. I respond but my body refuses to act, yet i feel like in the air i do float, my mouth refuses to open. “Take him back”, he says. I begin to feel my body again, no longer am I a visitor in my body. My captors forgot to bind me back, their mistake.

They turn to take their instructions, I see my window of opportunity, I fiercely take it. For I will not return to the tormenting darkness where it is all white. A jab to the base of the first man’s skull and I ram the second man’s head into the wall, add a bit of colour to their white walls, As Enya theme songs echo in my ear drums. My feet do their job, they start to move, I had mapped out my way to freedom amidst bloody white walls. One door to my right, down a flight of stairs, to an open hall straight to sign saying “Exit”. I make my move I can smell freedom, my hands on the handle bar, I push…….

Suddenly I open my eye, I am still surrounded by the white walls, I was in the white room, the man in a white coat smiles saying, “it’s good to have you back“, cursed white walls.

Thank you for reading,

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