I was bound, in fear did I live
Shackles my only jewellery
Rags my only adornment
In filth did I exist,
In darkness constantly I groped
I was shameful to myself
To my master was I bound
Looking forward to when I would face death, the cruel taskmaster
For God so loved me
Even In my filth and shame
Sent He His only Begotten Son
To meet my master
To bargain for my release
What was I worth, I was worth nothing
A common slave to a cruel master
His Son bargained the price,
The Price to buy me from my master
His blood did he pay for my release
He defeated the cruel task master
Opened up the veil so I could go to his father
He took me to His father’s presence
He bathed me that I should be clean
Glory and Grace He replaced for my shackles
A garment did He adorn me with
My shame and filth He cleansed me of
He lifted me above my previous  master
That together with Him I would stand in His Father’s presence
I am now a son, a prince of the king
A shareholder of the eternal Kingdom
Glory Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah
A new kind of love I do experience
I am free from fear and from sin
Glory Hallelujah My Saviour, My redeemer is awesome
My status is changed,
From slave to son
Bought with a Price, the ultimate price
Bought with His Blood,
He died so that I might live,
Live forever with Him in eternity.

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