Who do you think you are?’ He sneered at me. I looked down at my feet which suddenly looked more interesting than my boss’ face. My boss who was once a dear friend. You get the ‘started at the bottom, now he’s here’ drift. Even though he started from the bottom he still treated the rest of us as crap. As much as I’m eager to tell you how our friendship got severed when he got his new role, I’d rather focus on the question that left me tongue tied.
Now I wasn’t tongue tied because I couldn’t respond tersely as well. But I was tongue-tied because I didn’t know who I was. And no, I don’t have amnesia, I do know my name. But is that all there is to me?

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I stared through the dust stained window of the BRT bus on my way home. ‘Who do you think you are?’ That question cut through my heart like a knife. I felt so insulted. Worse, I couldn’t say my identity.
Stray tears began to fall down my oily cheeks. I’ve always struggled with my identity from teenage hood. Ten years after and I still couldn’t define my identity. I got out of the bus and started walking home when I heard the familiar praise and worship from a church close by. I felt drawn to it, so I got in and sat at the back.

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The pastor got to the podium and began preaching. He spoke on and on about our identity in Christ. He talked about how ‘whoever is in Christ is a new creature and the old is gone’. Okay, now that got me interested. Peace flooded through my heart as he pointed out how God sent His son to take our place. He became guilty for us so we could become the righteousness of God in Christ! So no, my identity isn’t found in how many clothes and Louis Vuitton shoes I have nor the multiple degrees acquired. Neither is it found in my days of addiction, depression and insecurity.

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I left church that day feeling whole! Finally I knew who I was. A royal priesthood! A chosen generation! The daughter of the King! And I was excited about telling my boss the next day. You can imagine his surprise as I spoke confidently about who I am. For my true identity is in Christ!

-Mfon Etuk.

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