As a young boy I always wanted a puppy, they were so small and cute, plus the whole thing about being man’s best friend. I had pestered my parents to get me a puppy, they did eventually give in to my demands and got one from my uncles litter.

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The first few weeks were nice, getting to know the puppy, the feeding, playing with it. Over the months, it started to get stressful as I had to take care of the mess the dog made, bathe the dog weekly and a lot of other things. It was just too much work, I got tired of doing that everyday and when I went back to school my parents sold it.

A similar event occurred in University, everyone was getting a girlfriend so I got one(don’t ask me how). I was so happy initial during the new found love stage till things started to go sour, I had to spend a lot and it wasn’t just money. I had to spend time, energy, emotions, money etc. I couldn’t just afford it, It was too much work having a girlfriend so I ended things amicably and got a douchebag label to my name.

In life we are faced with situations that would stress us out and become too much work, it would involve us leaving our comfort zone. These things could include:

  • Starting a new Job,
  • Taking up a new responsibility (like starting a family, having a baby etc.)
  • Starting and running a blog or a website
  • Getting into a relationship
  • Building a new house
  • Working on a presentation
  • Starting a workout routine
  • Writing a book

If we all had our way, we would spend most of our days in bed watching TV, having our food delivered to us, money just appearing or growing in our backyards. Sadly life isn’t like that, almost everything in life has to do with you leaving your comfort zone, involves us doing work.

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When I was a Teacher during my youth service, I taught my students that Work was simply the product of Force and distance. The force in this instance is the effort made to leave our homes when our body still wants to be in bed, the effort made in writing that business plan, the effort made in submitting our resumes and actually going for the interviews. The distance is how far we get with our efforts, be it finishing the business plan, submitting that application, getting to work, seeing the workout to its completion etc.

Surely life is all about “work, work, work, work, work“… there’s a saying in Nigeria that goes like this,” No food for lazy man”. Along the line and a lot of bad decisions later, I did a reality check of my life and realised I had on ground a lot of unfinished projects.

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To be a better me, I had to solve the problem from the root, I had to solve the problem from where it started.

How I became a better me:

  • The first thing I did was to realise and accept I had a problem, I a bad habit that I had to change, correct and curb.
  • Next I Changed my mindset, I had to desist and delete the mindset of quitting when the work got tough.
  • I looked over my unfinished projects and made plans on how to finish them and did put in effort to complete them
  • I also made efforts to become more efficient at the new projects I had on ground. This ranged from reading articles,and books on how to be better, how to manage time and how to maintain efficiency at work.

Whatever it is that might seem like a lot of work doing, that job, that business, that workout plan etc. Whenever you feel like giving up on it, remember to ask yourself, “why did I start?” be truthful in answering your question so you don’t deceive yourself even more. Little wonder it’s often said,”it’s better not to start at all than to start and stop halfway“. Everything in life involves work, you might as well see it through to the end.

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