Hello lovely readers, lately I have been busy learning vector graphics trying to take my graphics to greater heights.

I did a search of the best vector graphics applications for windows and the winner was Inkscape. Why? Who ever did a review did a good job accentuating the pros of Inkscape, plus it was free compared with Illustrator.

Inkscape_014-large 2000px-Inkscape_Logo.svg

Illustrator would surely do a better job but can’t afford illustrator yet. After downloading Inkscape I spent the night downloading and watching youtube video tutorials, by morning I was ready to practice. I made a few tries at logos for my blog, a friends restaurant and finally a bbm sticker I hoped would be approved soon.

So let me leave you with my work, I do hope you like it. I am still learning though, your criticism and comments would do a lot to boost my morale. Thank you enjoy. 🙂

sesansblog copy
This was the final logo I decided to settle with for my blog. I seemed subtle enough.
Made with Square InstaPic
This is the picture where I used the log o I designed for my friend’s restaurant
Inspired by Deadpool, the movie
LOGO copy
The second logo I made for the blog.
My first try at logo design.
The very first Of my bbm stickers, this is an angry face sticker. I am sure we all had that moment we needed a facial expression to express anger/frustration. Well I hope this does justice.

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