Inspired by a true story.
It was the first month of the second quarter of that year, the weather was really hot, and I had been called home from where I worked in northern Nigeria. My uncle had just died, and it was really sad as his life was just getting started. He had a wife and two children. On Monday morning I called the travel agency to book the closest flight I could find. I eventually got a Wednesday flight; I dropped a letter at my boss’s office requesting to have a break.
I started to pack on Tuesday morning. As I was packing I got a message from my cousins saying we were to have a meeting with our other cousins. I agreed, calmly promising to be at the burial, “what do I have to say in the midst of those men?” I said to myself quietly. I was the first son of the first son of the family, so according to tradition I was the eldest though I was younger than them. I got back to my packing after which I called Mr. Salisu to inform him that he would be taking me to the airport on Wednesday morning.
Riding the Bajaj was calming, the wind in my face, the country side flying by, I was in a world of my own. I wasn’t alone, a lady had her arms around me holding me tight. “I wished this would never end”, she said, as I slowly turned back to tell her, “never”.
BEEP!!!!!!!! BEEP!!!!!!! BEEEEEEEP!!!!!
That was my alarm; it was Wednesday morning already, time to travel home. I did a check of my things, handed over my keys to my neighbor, bade everyone bye and joined Mr. Salisu at the gate. Some two hours later, we were at the airport. I paid Mr. Salisu and went in, submitted my details, collected my ticket and handed in my luggage.
I had gotten to the airport hours before my flight which was supposed to be by 3:30 pm, so I had the extra two hours to wait. I decided to get busy and watch a movie on my laptop. Some minutes before 3:00 pm the public address system announced that my flight among others would be delayed till 5:30 pm. “two hours? Nawa oh”, I said under my breath. I called to tell my mum that my flight got delayed. Nigeria !!!!!. My laptop battery died an hour later, so I decided to take in the sights around me and from the corner of my eye I saw her, a tall beauty with lovely long legs, in casual Jean and tee shirt. Beside her was a short, beautiful dark lady, she was smiling at something her friend was telling her. The pair of glasses she had on reflected the evening light. I made a move to walk by where they sat in the guise of going to inquire about the flight and why it was still being delayed hoping the ladies would see me.
I got to the information desk, only to be told the flight would be delayed further due to fuel scarcity. “Again !!!!” I exclaimed, this wasn’t good, precious time was wasting. During the extra delay period I deduced that the ladies were also traveling to Lagos and that they were youth corpers but sadly they were traveling via a different airline. Having just concluded my own service year, I felt kindred with them but was too shy to say “hi”.
Eventually, around 12:00am the flights finally came and we boarded our respective flights, 45minutes later we landed at Lagos airport – local wing. At Baggage Claim while I was picking my bag was when I heard a voice saying, “Please can you help me with that?” I turned to see and behold, it was the shorter lady from the airport earlier. “Sure”, I said and handed her her bag. I guess I should have said more. “Thank you” she said as she walked away, I was just smiling there.
It was already too late for me to go home, so I made the decision to wait it out at the airport. When I got to the waiting area, I saw the shorter lady again. “I thought you’d left already” I said as I sat down beside her. And that was how it started. We talked from then till around 5am when we had to depart. We talked on so many things from law to philosophy (thanks to a colleague during youth service and GST), science, fiction and finally she kidnapped my heart when she made comments about comics(which I love soo much).
As she left to meet her family later that morning, I watched this beautiful girl walk away whom I had only just met some hours ago but felt like years. My only regret was that I didn’t get her number or her name. I still dream about her and store those moments in my heart hoping that someday one day our paths would cross again.
I met her at the airport…….. 

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