Diary Entry 2:

From my last entry I told you about my walk down the dusty, turmoilous and dreadful road if you missed that click here . Growing up, I never expected or hoped to want a life in medicine and this told on my grades in high school. I was a great underachiever in High school till my final year when everyone started to choose a career path. My father God bless is soul was shocked and happy to hear that I wanted a career in medicine. He actually hoped that I would chase a life in IT or engineering due to my history of wanting to know how things worked.

Sure I admired doctors and the life they lived, the respect and trust patients had in them. So while filling my jamb form I chose Medicine and Surgery. I also realized that to be a doctor you had to have high grades so I put in effort into my studies and started scoring high, especially in biology and physics. So when I wrote my jamb I had a pretty good score.

They often say man proposes but God disposes. When admissions season came by and I anticipated my admissions I was saddened to see “sorry no admissions given yet“. My heart sank I was offered Zoology however in my second choice University, Bowen University.

My first semester in Bowen was a time I wished daily I could go back to and correct. I didn’t want to study zoology, so I kept telling everyone who cared to listen that I was going to crossover to medical faculty by my second year. I never backed it up with effort, I was doing badly in my tests and C.As. By the time we wrote exams and the first semester gpa came out, any hopes I had in crossing into medicine was crushed. To get into faculty of medicine one of the major prerequisite was a first class gpa of 4.5 and above. I was borderline second class lower, at the board where I went to check my gpa, I felt my world slow down. I became oblivious of the surroundings, the rejoicing of people at their successes drove me crazy. I was too ashamed to look into the face of the people I had boasted at, I wished countless times that the ground would just open up and swallow me.

I was totally knocked down, I was humbled, I lost face, lost my voice, almost lost interest in everything. I stopped seeing myself achieving the dream I had for myself, I felt like I didn’t have what it took. I had been hit hard with the hammer of truth.
To be continued……

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