Hello my dear Readers,
I really don’t know how to start this post, or what to write, so I decided to drop my closing remarks and credits. I would like to take us back to April when I think I started this blog (yh it’s my first year). I always fancied the idea of writing out my thoughts but it never materialized into anything over my few adult year. This year around April with the constant pushing and encouragement, I decided to open a blog (yeah its this one). I started small not knowing exactly what I intended to write or who I wanted to reach. So my first credit goes to Emanuella Opigo A. For pushing me to put myself out there and let my voice be heard. From then on I had a few posts which came with grammar issues and lack of direction, a good friend when through my blog and help redirect my focus for this big ups to Olise Amaka Belima.

As the year progressed on, I made new alliances, more people visited my blog, finally got to talk to a blogger who I had a a crush on Thoughtsofamedstudent ( Kelia thanks). Meeting her gave me more insight to my blog and I am grateful for your impact in my life and also for being my on and off Editor. Speaking about Editors I would be an ingrate if I didn’t mention Mr VictoryPath (Victor Odunjo I hope I got the name) and Dr Labambam who helped me in editing some of my poems.

I would also love to shine some light on you, yes you my wonderful amazing and lovely readers, this blog would be nothing without you. Thank you for your likes, follows, shares, referrals and most importantly for being inspired.

Most importantly I would like to thank God for the wisdom, insight, inspiration and the strength to blog. I look forward to a better year ahead.

Happy new year, watch out guys as I would be creating a new Page/ Category called “Diaries of a Wannabe Doc” what out for the posts. Thank you for a wonderful Year One.