Would like to start this post by first apologizing for my abrupt Absence without notice. I was caught up reading some books, by God’s grace I am done with one and about done with the other. I have gained so much in reading these books, from the problem of black people, to the various pogroms of black people, tribal bigotry and religious bigotry. I am wiser now, in all my getting of wisdom I am riddled with what to do with the knowledge I have acquired but that is a tale for another day.

In this Christmas season, a child will go hungry, a child would die because his parents can’t afford hospital bills while some would throw lavish parties, throw away money and feed their bellies full. Such is life, what would you do with your Christmas?

A child goes to bed hungry,
A bottle of champagne is popped.
The drums of hunger beats in his belly,
The DJ turns the volume higher.
He grabs his belly and writhes in pain,
Waists grinds harder to the flow of the beats.
He from pangs gnashes his teeth,
Synergy of music and wine moves their feet.
He tries to find sleep on the tattered mat, the bugs don’t make it easy.
In the drunken wasted state, sleep comes effortlessly.
In lowliness of spirit he doth cries,
In careless abandon are their many highs.
Two opposite lives, in two opposite world’s,
Same dust we end, servants and lords.
Paths cross at the unlikely juncture,
Such is life, eventually we unite 6 feet below,
Where equally we are treated and attended to by the worms, bacteria and fungi.