The lights were blinding, the pull was strong, the lights felt so comforting, the lights were calling out to me, I wonder what lie beyond these lights. I make a step to go beyond the light, to satisfy my curiosity but… something doesn’t feel right, I feel I am forgetting something. The lights still so attractive, I hear my name behind me, I turn but can’t find the caller. I take another step towards the lights, so beautiful light, if I could only get to those lights. I hear my name again, this time louder followed by a jolt of electricity. No what happened the lights are getting dimmer, I try to run closer to the lights before it goes completely dark. What is happening? I feel a pull, followed by another shock then I hear my name. Meanwhile the lights seem to be fading out. It becomes clear now, I remember now, it’s foggy. Yes yes I remember, an angel with oak brown eyes, the soft touch. Who is this angel? She pecks me? Yes yes she’s the love of my life. The lights fades out to a little spark, but why suddenly the light are gone. It’s pitch black, images seem blurry and there she is, that beautiful angel, her cheeks are wet but why? Oh my she has been crying. I try to speak but I feel like someone a pole was stuck down my throat. “He’s fighting the intubation”, I hear ..what intubation I try to move my hands, I don’t feel the connection. Another light comes at me, “can you follow the light please?” a voice says. I don’t understand what is happening, I look at my hand and she’s holding me but I don’t feel it. I look to her with questioning eye,”you were in an accident” she said, “we almost lost you for a moment there” a male voice puts in. That’s when it comes to me, I realized that… that…. that…. “oh my, did I just die?”..
*it is a just fiction, I didn’t really die*
Thank you for reading