Hello guys, today I would like to talk about something that a few of us who use public transport in Lagos can relate. Today I had the opportunity to take a bus ride in Lagos, popularly know as “Danfo” and below is my experience.
It was a really hot day and the sun seemed to have something to prove, the heat was overwhelming and difficult as I had to head back home to put on a fez cap. At the bus stop a danfo bus rolled by with the conductor screaming “garage, garage”. I hopped in and headed to the best seats in the bus, the middle row right beside the window. As soon as I entered I came in contact with someone in the bus that I like to classify as “popular-jingo”, she happened to know everybody shouting ” iya biliki, olaiya, etc” right from my bus stop till she eventually alighted at her stop The passenger at my front was in the class of “Olonje” aka Foodie, this woman ate egg-rolls throughout the journey and she just wouldn’t shut up leaving an eggy smell in the air. Along the journey entered another group of people who gave me in-drive entertainment asides my adele “Hello” playing in the background. They were constantly talking, and talking and when the driver started to drive rough they had the loudest complaints such as (translated from yoruba), “I have clothes soaked that I haven’t washed, my legs have broken before oh”. I was just laughing all through, and finally towards the end of the bus ride I realized that I didn’t smell like me anymore. The bus is slightly congested so the sweat, different odours kinda just rubs off on you and you alight the bus a new man. So that was my bus experience, I hope some people can relate and please no offense if you are in any of the classes, it’s just for laughs.