I would like to apologize for not uploading any posts recently, I have been dealing with some technical issues.
I had a lot wanted to talk about for the last two days so I would just try to squeeze them all in today’s post. Some days ago I downloaded some educational material about typography on photoshop, two days ago I decided to give it a try after going through the material . It wasn’t a really easy feat, I used a total of six hours to complete my work. I didn’t spend that much time on it because it was complex in any way, instead it was because I got stuck although the steps were really straight forward. Here is a finished work…

The lesson I learnt from the typography work was that sometimes in life things won’t work out at first but with a little bit of persistency and faith it would eventually work. This led me to what I did yesterday, I did a sketch of a friend of mine and had left the digital painting undone. I have done a couple of digital paintings but they all loved rudimentary or unrefined. I am not an artist but a mere dabbler, I don’t understand the concept of light and form, but I didn’t let that hold me back. I researched educational guides on painting and, making light work for you. Although I am not done with the painting, I am positive it would come out beautiful.
Finally today I went to my service providers to rectify the issues with my network, also I go a new pair of glasses. Putting the new glasses on reminded me about the time I first started using glasses. As far back as I could remember the world had always been a blur for me, I always wondered what other people saw and how they saw it. The signs I never could always read on the road, I usually assumed that was how everyone else saw it too. It wasn’t until I made it into secondary school in my JSS one, I couldn’t see the black board so I never bothered to copy my notes. Exams would come and I would just try my luck as even cheating was hard because I couldn’t see. My school invited my parents concerning my results and we were asked to see a doctor. On explaining my situation to the doctor I was referred to an Ophthalmologist, and I was fitted a pair of glasses. The moment I wore the glasses was amazing, suddenly I could see the world clearly and not just blurs, everything just seemed brighter. Tears rolled down from my cheeks that day. I could relate salvation like that, We go through our lives blinded by sin, bumping into walls, troubles and crisis. God saw our pains and sent his son that our eyes might be open, salvation comes to us and suddenly we see the world clearer. Like living in darkness and light is shone on us, or a veil been lifted from our eyes.

Everyday when I put my glasses on I remember God’s love and his salvation and that his mercies they are new every morning. Once again today as I put on new glasses, the world seemed brighter and I thought to share with you all. Till next time remember, “John 3:16”.