Today I was working on trying to sculpt a human head using “I blender 3D” and an educational video I downloaded online, well let’s just say 3 hours later and all I had was an ugly-looking blob. I was so frustrated but in the end the only ways I could vent my frustration was with words so, I wrote the following :

Frustration bites at me
The inspiration never will I see
The connection from me hidden
My fist I slam in anger
I try to fight back the tears
Away  from you I turn
Like a little child did I pout
I hoped it would be easy
Though my body away from you is faced
My mind and heart clings to you tightly
I let my pride come over me
I seem to walk away
I turn back for one Last glimpse
Suddenly again with you I am
One more time did I try
I repeat my past mistakes
I hope you forgive me
Harder this time will I try.

So guys tell me what you think about it as I attempt to try again.