“I am too slim”, she said, “my head just doesn’t fit”, he said, ” why do I have this dark skin”, she said, “I just hate this hair”, she said.

So today I was going over my instagram feeds and came across a picture of a girl ( to be honest she was a little on the plus size ok maybe a little more), and she said, “I just love the way my stomach bulges”. The replies and comments that followed the pictures were enough to drive a person to suicide, but her best reply which actually amazed me was ” Thank you for your opinion, I’ll stick to mine for now”. Wow, it might seem stupid or dumb or weak like is that the best she’s got or something? , but really what do you expect her to do jump into the lagoon or go on a hunger strike till she has ulcer?. I thought to myself and realized that what she had apart from confidence was a strong love for herself.
Self love is what I would be trying to point out but first what is self-love you might ask? I would like to define self-love as a genuine appreciation for one’s self, the dictionary describes self-love as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable and not narcissistic characteristic). This had me thinking how many of us really love ourselves? More importantly did I love myself? I tried to answer the question and I realized from the meaning there are two ways to look at it. The first being loving yourself, accepting everything about yourself, if you are fat you love being fat, if you are black like coal you appreciate your blackness, if your legs are “K” you never try to hide it. Then the Second way to look at is from my second definition of self-love i.e. from my second definition ” regards for one’s well-being”. This is the kind of love where you care for your well-being so much you wouldn’t do anything to yourself that would be detrimental. The bible tells us that our bodies are the temple of God, so we need to keep it clean. This can be illustrated as thus:

You get a letter from the president of Nigeria or from a popular tv show host that a live broadcast would be done at your house and that it would be broadcasted worldwide or nationwide. Obviously there is a high chance that someone you know sees  the show, I am sure as I would everyone would clean up their house make sure everything works, possibly have sleepless nights so then when the world sees your house they would be wowed.

That’s exactly how the bible expects us keep our bodies, replacing the house with our bodies and the president as God. If we would keep our houses very clean, then we should keep our bodies clean like a temple. That means we won’t be taking all that junk, chemicals and narcotics into our bodies that would soil our temples. I remember complaining to a friend of mine that I didn’t like the way my stomach was getting big. He said to me” when you’ll be eating rubbish anyhow why won’t it get big”, the rest is a story for another day. So if you love yourself sorry to say you wouldn’t get so fat that you find it hard to breathe properly when you bend and so on. So this form of self-love when you realize that your size has gotten dangerous for your health you know you have to do things to make yourself healthier, then you exercise, watch what you eat, and all. I have heard a lot of people say, “they don’t love me, Nobody cares about me” and I say to myself do you even love you, and you want me to love you?. So I believe the key to being a happy person is to love yourself because really no one is gonna do it for you.
That wraps up today’s post on self-love, I do hope I didn’t speak too much off topic or come off as being judgmental to you my readers. As I am learning to love myself by having regards for my well-being, rest more, exercise more, eat right and timely. Till next time, “Love yourself “.