How can we achieve true and genuine peace? Is a perfect society possible? These I thought to myself today as I sat in the balcony of my house. I know I am not a philosophist with the many philosophical ideas, but I do love wisdom, as the word “philosophy” depicts a lover of wisdom. So as I sat considering the ideas and possibilities of a perfect world and peace, I was taken back to a General Studies course which I offered back in the university; “Peace and Conflict resolution”. I never really actually appreciated the concept at that time as we were bombarded with lots of notes and little time to discuss the notes. The only thing that stood out to me as I crammed the notes ahead of exams was a particular concept proposed by an ancient Philosopher whose name I can’t actually remember.
He proposed a society which like the ants and bees had a form of castes levels or like a niche. In his society, everyone had a place from builders, to aristocrats (politicians), healers, litigators, philosophers, growers(farmers), artists, warriors, bankers, teachers, traders and men of faith. In a society like this, I thought to myself there shouldn’t be an absence of war as everyone has a place in the society. Here an absence of peace would only occur when a member of the society isn’t functioning in his capacity. Then I thought to myself, “doesn’t that already apply to an extent in our society?” I remember sitting for an aptitude test in Jss3, which was supposed to tell me where in the society I would be best suited. I ended up being suited for two classes, being a soldier or being a doctor.
I reasoned about society, I also considered the factor of humans being insatiable and creatures of choice, which unlike bees and other animals makes us wild cards in the perfect society. Little wonder men in the Bible have asked us to go learn from some animals. So in a society where everyone has a designation, there is a probability that a person who is originally meant to be a farmer decides he is suitable to be an aristocrat. That then causes a high chance for chaos.
This brings me to the fictional story of ‘Divergent’ and ‘Insurgent’, a movie that was released some time back. In the movie, we were initially left to believe that war tore up a earth so bad that humans decided to separate into different groups: the lawyers (litigation), Dauntless (the fearless ones aka warriors), Abnegation etc. There were a particular group of people who didn’t conform to one or two but all the classes. “What then do we make of that?” I asked myself, “is it good to conform or is it bad?” What if conforming is the only way to achieve peace? Is it worth it? Then I asked myself “Is true peace actually attainable? Or is it just another theory?” I pondered over the idea of a Utopia. I doubt a utopia is possible, because as long as sin reigns then evil is bound to reign, because evil is the opposite of Good and good is the opposite of evil. It is impossible to have absolute good as well as absolute evil. “Why?” I asked myself.
The Bible tells us that God didn’t design earth to have suffering, war, hate and every bad thing that happens on earth. God had a plan for a utopia when he created the earth. Infact the first utopia was “the garden of eden” That was before the devil decided to disrupt the utopia by introducing sin which cascaded to what we have today.
I concluded my pondering by proposing that the best way to have true peace is through God, as that would seal your fate and grant you a place in eternity with God where there is absolute Goodness. Of course these are just my own thoughts and my own philosophy.
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Peace… NaBloPoMo_2015