I was working on creating a logo for my Blogsite and that kept me pretty occupied, I had a lot of ideas in my head on how to design the logo from 2D to 3D. I was so eager to start penciling down my ideas, I woke up early performed all the morning rituals necessary. The time came eventually to put down my ideas, enthusiastic as I was, pencil in hand, sketch pad in front of me, Enya playing in the background, head full of ideas, and 30 minutes later I still had a blank page. An hour later I was on the world-wide Web (www) surfing, searching for some sort of inspiration for my logo and I came up with nothing
Thinking to myself I said, ” if I can’t pencil down something, let me try to learn the techniques that would aid me in rendering my logo”. This became another battle of choices as I had to choose between 2D or 3D, then I weighed my options, and settled for 3D. 3D is a lot harder than I expected because you have to create 3 dimensional shapes, put material, texture, lighting, the view, etc. Note that I am not a guru in the art of 3D graphics design, I am more of a dabbler with a lot of educational materials, videos and a lot of time on my hands. I eventually downloaded a video from youtube on creating 3D logos, I watched the video and realized in the words from A Game of Thrones, ” You know Nothing Sesan Miller “. I eventually settled for a 2D logo while I learn and develop myself in the art of 3D designing.
You would ask me, so did I achieve anything? The answer is yes!!!!, how you might ask? I realized that I didn’t know anything in 3D graphics design and that jeered me up to learn more so I don’t make a complete and utter catastrophe. I also realized it’s easier said than actually done, also I learnt various styles and forms by which logos can take from symbols to Abbreviations to whole words. Finally as I struggled with penciling my logo I sketched a portrait and though it looks awkward, I still feel fulfilled. I created and uploaded the logo, it’s now the page header tell me what you think about my beginner level designs?.

Look I drew, doesn't look much like a logo tho
Look I drew, doesn’t look much like a logo tho

There you have it another day in November, another blog post for NaBloPoMo and keep it in mind that #BlackIsComing. Till my next post,

“keep being better than the person you were yesterday because Forward Is The Only Way To Go”.