I am confused,
I wonder who you you were,
I wonder what you are,
I sought you out and tried to find you,
You hid from me like the night, hides from the day
You eluded me like the shadows in my closet,

So who are you?
What are you all about
I was laughed at because of you
You plague my skin,
You are everywhere around me,
You rule the night sky
You are powerful,
You get along with every other of your brothers and sisters
Yet you are really misunderstood
I wonder why,
I wonder why you are hated
I wonder why everyone is ashamed of you and trying to cover you up
I want to know what you have done

Who did you offend?

Let me understand you, that better may I know you,
Let me know you
Let me appreciate you
Who are you? .


BLACK  is a positive movement by House Of Zeta (HOZ) model Denyefar to empower and enlighten youths about their skin, culture, beauty & personalities.


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