Hello guys, I know it’s been a while, but I am back finally and I mean business. Okay maybe not really business like business but I mean business. So you might be asking yourself what a steady heart is, I am not really sure I have a definite definition for a steady heart but a steady heart is the key to a lot of things.

For the last few weeks I have been battling with creativity, and how exactly to express my thoughts. I had been trying to write and draw but there was always something I had been missing. I guess that thing is a steady heart, I you might ask me how a steady heart has anything remotely to do with creativity or anything from driving, to business, to success? . Lemme tell you.

You know how they say talent can only get you so far? Well that’s true, Talent can only get you so far, but it’s hard work and a steady heart that would take you to exceeding heights. So with all my little story, a steady heart can be defined as a strong, unshaken, confident and strong belief in one’s self. It is one thing to pick up a pen, it’s is another thing thing to make that pen dance around paper to give a beautiful write up. It is another thing to pick up a pencil, but it is a whole other ball game to make that pencil run round that paper to give a lovely master piece. This same also applies to a business, as there are many with various business ideas that aren’t able to put out their ideas to make money for themselves.

Life isn’t for the weak hearted, you are either getting things done, making things get done or watching things happen. A steady heart is the key to leaving the side lines, to stop being a spectator and to become a player on the field. You would ask me how exactly you are supposed to have a steady heart? Well it starts by first believing in yourself and what you do, not letting the winds of doubts or fear to shake you. When you have mastered this act, then your heart would be steady enough to achieve your dreams.

So I can’t fully say my heart is fully steady but I am getting there, with more practice and hard-work. Lemme leave you with some of my work.