I am currently in my eleventh month of the national youth service, if you are like me then you must be wondering, was it fun? Where did I serve? What was my job? Do I want it to end? What’s it like being a corper. This and many more were the questions running through my mind same time last year when I was waiting to be deployed for national youth service program. I can be a very inpatient person my friends would tell me I need to chill, I worry too much, maybe I do but in my defense I like to plan out scenarios. My service period is almost over, finally my long road is almost at its end, my boots are worn, spirit worn and the only thing on my mind is when would service end. I wouldn’t be talking or thinking about what comes next so, I have decided to take my friends advice and let tomorrow take care of itself. Time to reflect on what has already come and gone, to answer my questions from my experiences in no particular order.


Yes and no, why do I say this? Well service had its ups and its downs there were times when I would just lay in bed asking myself why I ever mobilized for deployment. There were some days during the orientation camp when I would just be swearing at everything. For example, on the day of our swearing in ceremony we had to wake up early, prepare for the parade and we were ushered out to the parade ground. The sun in the state I was deployed is really annoying and that day the sun was especially hot and we had to wait for about 5 hours before the officials came, my feet was killing me, my skin was burning hot, I was sweating, I was thirsty, it was terrible, but as with most terrible situations I tried to make the most of it, there was a lot of picture taking, selfies, meeting people and ranting about the various things that Nigeria could have done better. Moral lesson: life would be annoying, you would be pushed to the limits and you would hate life, but always try to make the most of every shitty situation.

  “If life throws you eggs, make an omelet”.


I served or am currently serving In Nasarawa state with the capital Lafia (in hausa lafia goes with wellness), it is usually addressed as” the state of solid minerals” and no you would hardly find cows roaming the street, ok maybe some people still live in thatched housed but so do many people in villages around Nigeria do. The people are friendly, the food is kind of cheap. I was opportune to stay in Keffi town which is very close to Abuja, about 45 minutes minus hold up. I was even more opportune to serve in the army barracks (177 guards battalion), it is fun residing in the barracks the regimented lifestyle has really impacted my life, the people are nice but the downside is that I spent more of my time in the safety of the barracks(not much of a downside right?).


I was posted to Government Junior Secondary School army barracks, it was my job to teach introductory technology to the jss2 classes A-H. This part I would say pushed me as in a day I could have about four classes to teach and I had to take them intro tech Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, except on public holidays. I can’t say I went to all my classes but I did try, taught them to the best of my capabilities, Inspired often, and I got to give back to my country. I also learnt to wake up early and to sleep early because my principal knew how to annoy us especially we late comers by withholding our monthly clearance forms.


 Yes please I really need it to end, it fun but life has to go on, can’t wait to see what life has to offer outside the national youth service corps, so as much as I would love to always collect allowee every month, live in free housing forever, not having to pay for water, light or other things, I have to go on with my life.


Hmmmmm life as a corper, the corper life is so interesting but atimes it can get really annoying, I remember on the days I go for market runs to stock up on food stuff or just to buy things I would need especially when the allowee just entered. At the market I would get things cheaper from some good people most times free rides to town and back, but it can be annoying with people always calling you AJUWAIYA!!!!!, CORPER SHAWN!!!!! Etc. it’s funny and nice don’t get me wrong but when someone is always shouting it out, it could get annoying

So as I have started packing my load and my things so that I can advance into the next stage of life, depending on what tomorrow brings, I am hoping for the best, and I can say I came, I saw and now I am at the verge of conquering with less than a month to go. Good luck to the incoming corpers I wish you guys the best.