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Hello guy, what’s happening? Boredom is a bad thing oh, but man has to find ways to kill it so I downloaded three books recently that has been helping me manage the boredom. I am done with one of the books and I started reading the other two. The books I downloaded are:

  • Cutting for stone
  • Stiff: the curious lives of cadavers
  • The emperor of all maladies; a biography of cancer.

I must admit they are really interesting books to read, the writing style so amazing that it dragged me in and it felt like I was there witnessing the events been written about. You might be wondering so I am reading some books, why the hype, what have I gained in the reading of these books? Well here is my view or what I thought

  • Cutting for stone: written by Abraham Verghese an Ethiopian born medical doctor the book depicts the story of an English surgeon who has a set of twins with an Indian nurse in Ethiopia, along the story line the nurse dies and the surgeon flees leaving the twins in the care of a doctor who raises the twins as her own. There is a lot of twist to the story from how the twins being conjoined were so close but an event in their childhood leads to them becoming distant. It also excerpts from the hippocratical oath where Hippocrates says something about not cutting for stone. What I learnt from the book is that compassion is somethings that treats better than the best drug. I would like to add also that medicine is a profession where as I quote the dean of medicine Harvard school of medicine during the white coat ceremony of the class of 2015 where he said “medicine a profession where we cure occasionally, care often and comfort always”.
  • Stiff: the curious lives of cadavers: written by Mary Roach from the little I have read she gives an account of the lives of cadavers such as some cadavers being hacked up so that doctors in training could understand human anatomy and how in the past times getting a cadaver to use for better understanding of anatomy had to be done via nefarious means such as stealing from graves, the bodies of the condemned and how now people donate their bodies to science. I would like to see this book as a literature about cadaver appreciation and about treating these dead friends with dignity. Apparently cadavers are also used to test for crash safety in cars I hope to learn more as I dive deeper in the book.
  • The emperor of all maladies; a biography of cancer: written by Siddhartha Mukherjee writes a biography on cancer, apparently as he put it in the book that cancer is an ancient disease that we have only just come to notice recently. Cancers has been mentioned from the times of Imhotep, Hippocrates theory of cancers being abnormal masses in bodies, to Galen’s theory of humours on how cancer is black bile, to times of Halsted and his radical techniques of cutting tumors out and even cutting out underlying tissues, lymph nodes and all. To the time when x-rays and other radioactive elements were first discovered and how they were believed to be a way to kill cancers, to specific drugs such as Sidney Farbers work with antifolates which he thought could stop leukemia’ in children. So far the book has being interesting.

Well that’s it so far, those are the books I have being reading since my last post you can get them and read them and I hope they speak to you the way they have spoken to me. So till next time, I would be learning about the biography of cancer.