I started reading the book on caricature and I must say, wow!! The art of caricaturing is not for the faint hearted. Remember I told ya’ll about my new acquisition, I have been getting in to the book almost done and I realized I am nowhere near being a caricaturist, but the fun part is the learning process. There is a lot to caricaturing than just oversized heads and funny features, as I have learnt from Tom’s “mad art of caricaturing” it’s about making a statement, the similarity with the person and the exaggeration. There’s always something about a caricature that though it might not look exactly like the person being drawn unlike in a portrait, but you just know. Things you notice in a caricature include and exaggerated eye, mouth, head, jaw, nose and forehead, these thing must come together to relate or else you have an awkward looking image. I didn’t know this initially as I tried to caricature and ended up drawing an absolute eyesore.

Things I am learning:

Some of the basics things I am learning about caricature drawing are the simple features which come together to make up a person’s face, body, posture and personality. They include:

  • The eyes (size and shape): it’s all in the eye, that’s what they say. Every person has a unique eye shape or size that makes you instantly know. Snoop dogg has his slit-like eyes, some others have that big eye ball thing going for them, the eyes aren’t just does circular thing in the face, the way the eye is drawn can totally change a person’s look.
  • The Mouth: a bad mouth size, shape and position can damage your drawing so learn how to draw the mouth properly if you must draw a realistic image
  • The Nose: We Africans got the typical flat wide nose thing going, how the nose is positioned in a drawing can be the difference between an alien and a life-like person, E.g. when drawing and you make the distance between the eyes wider the nose has to be closer to the level of the eye if not you have an atrocity, also with a big eyes you should expect a small nose and a small set of eyes a bigger nose that’s the relation between the basic features in the caricature.

These are the basics I tried to cover before attempting to practice my caricaturing, the writer says there is no one way of drawing a caricature, it all depends on the viewer, so you just have to learn to see, you can learn how to draw if you blend talent with hard work, but learning how to see those features for exaggeration is what differentiates your drawing from a portrait. I hope to shed more light in my coming blog posts of my experience and my progress, so stay tuned. Here are some of my attempts.

P.S. I had to go back to the basics learning, how to draw a normal eyes, then moving on to learning how to draw a normal nose, mouth, ears, head.

this is my attempt at capturing my friend, Dr Olanike Shodunke 
here is my second attempt of jhulian Royson
me learning to draw the eyes again.