It is with great joy that I write today’s post, I recently downloaded a book I had been looking to get for some months now. Last year around the time I graduated from school and during the period I waited on NYSC to deploy me for service I picked up some hobbies.

It started out waking up one morning can’t actually remember the date, picked up my phone, scrolled through messages left for me on my various messengers and stumbling upon a drawn caricature image as someones  display picture. I thought to myself, this should be really easy, on further examination I found out it was made on the computer. I decided to search the World Wide Web for applications I could use and I came across applications such as “gimp”, “adobe illustrator” and “pencil”. I settled for pencil as it was very user friendly   and I could easily make my drawings. I also went further to search for tutorials on how to use Pencil application and made some really weird looking drawings. I dabbled in some 3D designing also, using “blender”. I eventually gave up on my dreams of 3D designing as my computer system couldn’t render my designs. I then went back to my dreams of trying to draw, I came across a blog by a caricaturist (a person who makes caricatures for a living… didn’t know there was something like that though) he goes by the name Tom Richmond, he gave very detailed information and techniques to the art of caricaturing even using Adobe Photoshop as a digital painter. That was how my journey began, I followed his blog, applying the techniques he discussed.

I found out one of his blog posts about a book he had made and designed himself teaching how to caricature, I had searched for his book for some time before eventually coming across it this morning, I can’t wait to start caricaturing again.

Screenshot_2015-08-19-16-20-08 Screenshot_2015-08-19-15-14-26 Screenshot_2015-08-19-16-20-23 Screenshot_2015-08-19-16-19-43 Screenshot_2015-08-19-16-19-34

Here in “The Mad Art of Caricaturing” are some images about how he has illustrated techniques on how he caricatures, from seeing the image down to putting it down. any one with a beginners level drawing talent should be able to handle this easily. You have to be Mad to do some of this though………

Time to Caricature.!!!!!!