” Can you tell me how you are feeling, does it hurt here?, oh sorry, don’t worry we would take care of you”

These I remember saying back in the child hood days when I got my first doctors kit, with the stethoscope, reflex hammer, thermometer oh yeah and a pen light. I had gotten one as a birthday gift and I was feeling so good with myself as I walk around the house playing doctor, attending to all my toy patients and trying to diagnose my dad. Then I also remember getting a toy phone that with the press of the keypad one would hear different sounds and songs, and I remember taking it to school and not coming back home with it. I remember tearing apart my toys trying to see how they worked. Those where the happier days, when I lived for the next line of play, nowadays everything is so serious, you gotta go to work early, do things for yourself, Sigh… I really wish I could go back to being a kid again. As a kid everything seemed possible, I could be what ever I wanted to be, I could be superman and save the world (all in my head of course).

I wish i could go back to those dreamy days.