Dear Me,

It’s being a while since we had time to talk, but you have have being really busy and occupied with a lot of things, I remember those days when all you had was me, and we would have long conversations, and I would advice you. It’s been long since I second guessed you… lol that was fun by the way making you feel crazy, I remember people calling us crazy.

Now all I got of us is regrets, I know we should have done things a little better, read more, lived more, stayed away from some people, stayed with some people. I know you take the blame for everything, and you seem to take the hurt, but I can’t let you do this by yourself, you need to know that what ever mistakes you make in life are just lessons for you, and from our time together you done make this mistakes again. You need to snap out of the pity you are going through, pick yourself up and face the world again like we used to ” Mono a Mono”, the army of us.

I would love for us to get back to what we used to be, but change is inevitable, you have met people, you have read books, you will meet people you will experience things that will change you. Change is hard, but it has to happen, you have to grow, you have to make use of all the lessons you have learned in the past to make that change bearable. I know you feel people always leave you, yes people go but they will always be replaced, you are special man, so use you gift to change the world, apply yourself, I would try not to second guess you, I would try to be firm, and strong but I am only a function of what you make me out to be. To not make the same mistakes and history repeating itself, hold on to those you call your friends, support them, don’t judge them but to advice them if you see them going wrong.

I hope to hear from you soon. Till that time, whenever you feel like quitting remember why you started, it’s a long road ahead but keep it in mind that ” We Are Never Alone”.
Yours faithfully,