I would like to start this post by apologizing for the brief hiatus in writing, it’s been an emotionally tasking few weeks. The last few weeks have led me to write this new post describing the lest few weeks.

The word Chrysalis is coined from Greek word “CHRYSOS” – meaning Gold. Chrysalis is usually used to describe the stage in the live cycle of certain species of Moths nd butterfly, that is the pupa stage. The life cycle of a typical Moth or Butterfly starts with it being laid as an egg, then the egg hatches and the larvae is released, this larvae starts to eat nd eat and consume till it has reached the onset of the next stage of its life. At the end of the larvae stage the pupa stage starts which is characterized by a cocoon or a chrysalis, the cocoon is soft, silky and cute looking, which the chrysalis is hard, waxy and it takes great strain for the adult stage of the moth/butterfly to emerge from the chrysalis.

Chrysalis can also be known as Gold. When Gold is first extracted it is a really ugly rock, gold then undergoes intense refining, under high temperature to purify this rock and extract the pure, beautiful form of Gold that is then weighed and sold at outrageously expensive prices.

I look back at the last few months since I started service, it’s safe to say I have been in my own little chrysalis, I have faced some things that if I was told I would be doing now last year I wouldn’t have believed. This might sound minor compared to what others are facing but ” to each his own”, well I have had to travel really far from home, integrate with cultures and people different from what I was used to, take care of myself by myself, and actually fend for myself. Initially it seemed like I would break and I would give up, I eventually started to look at it that, ” what doesn’t kill you would make you stronger “. I started to look at everything as a training for me, that after the service year and when I eventually get married and later in my life, I would have to take responsibility for my life. This has been what has been keeping me going. So am I out of the Chrysalis? Have I hatched yet? , have I become gold?. I don’t know yet, I guess I am still in the chrysalis, when I eventually hatch I would know and then I would be gold. Till then I would keep being strong taking my challenges as they come.

As with the butterfly the Chrysalis state is just just for a while, so is what ever stressing situation you are facing now, For a short while. Your reward for surviving this stage is you would come out better as Gold..