The alarm goes off, 5:30am already/ but the dream just started to take an interesting turn….. I put the alarm back in snooze mode, so do I. BRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!!! BBBRRRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!!! The alarm goes off again. I was just getting to the mental portal that links to dream world… this is the part I hate about Mondays and basically every other day, the fact that I have to actually wake up, it sucks. Like the artist Owl City sang in his song ‘REALWORD’ I really don’t want to live here. The dream world is so much fun, everything is possible there, and you can be whatever you want to be or do whatever you want to do. Take me for example, with my self-acclaimed over-imaginative mind I get to be The Batman some nights and sometimes I get to rule the world or be Bill freaking Gates. The dream world sure tops living in the real world, sadly I need the real world to eat, and perform every function that makes me human in the first place like surviving or procreating. I eventually wake up and try to do at least 20 push-ups, I usually do more back in the dream world.
This is basically how my early mornings look like, me having this mental argument about why I have to wake up. I eventually wake up officially an hour after my alarm goes off. Today is Monday the first working day in the week. Each day we have a lot of possibilities awaiting us, so many things we can achieve and all the good we could do, but we have to wake up first. I normally see pictures people upload about how much they really hate Mondays. I actually love Mondays, so I try to remind myself of what awaits me, things I could do each day, but Monday is always the day I lay down the plans. I am currently serving in Nasarawa state, part of a scheme set up by the past military Head of State General Yakubu Gowon in May 1973, with a motto of ‘Service and Humility’. It is a compulsory scheme made for fresh graduates h higher institutions of learning just after our graduation, for a period of one year. It involves us leaving the comfort of our homes and states and actually go to other states, where we try to integrate with new cultures, traditions, religions and people. We get to serve our country working with these communities, doing community projects etc. The main aim of the scheme still boils down to service. So here I am miles away from home in a strange land with a different language and culture from what I am originally used to. This has being what I try to remind myself every day for the past 7 months, the aims and all that I can do in service to my country.
Like I said, I am currently serving my country in Nasarawa state, north-central Nigeria, my service work involves teaching. They say you not only teach just by what you write on the blackboard, but also with your life. That’s what I try to do every day, ‘ADDING VALUE’. I try to impact the lives of all my students in one way or the other. I might not have the excess funds to buy them lunch or to donate chairs and tables to their class but I try to add value in my own little way. Like a man I respect so much once told me, “what differentiates you from who you are some months ago is a as a result of the people you meet, the books you read and the places you have gone”. Biology tells us that a characteristic of living things is ADAPTABILITY, as higher animals we adapt by what we learn, for example a little child touches a hot pot and gets the sensation called pain he earns that hot goes with pain. So next time he sees something hot automatically he immediately associates the hot object with pain. Adaptability helps us to survive, so as higher animals we learn with everything we do and adapt that to our survival, sometimes consciously and other times unconsciously we just happen to know this things. So with this in mind I try to teach my students by the way I talk, I correct them when in speaking, inspire them to do more with their time other than just playing, at least to try spend some minutes in their day studying thus developing a study habit in them. This is my way of being in service to my country, and this is what makes me jump up from my bed with so much enthusiasm to face the day. I might not have superpowers here in the real world like I world back in the dream world but I can try to be a hero, saving my student from illiteracy and oh do I love it. Hopefully by the time I am done with my service year my students would be different students from who they were when we first met.
So stealing a quote from something I read, translated in English “while we speak envious time has fled us; let us seize the day, not trusting in the next day”. Have a nice day and Seize each day.