Leading up to where I find myself in life, I have read stories of people who have come from humble beginnings, disabilities and unfair chances go to make a meaning in their lives. I have read detailed stories of people who given so much opportunity felt it wise to give it back to the world. All this accounts have inspired me as a person. I question myself, in all my years on this terrestrial ball what mark have I made in someone’s life?. How have I given back to the community?. How have I done something that would be a reminder of my existence in a place?.

It is often said that “We are pencils in the Hands of The Creator”, a pencil will be an utter waste of lead, wood and hard-work if it can’t leave a mark. That is how many of us live our lives these days, without living a mark, like “drones” in the society. Moving mindlessly, doing what is expected of us not what we expect of ourselves as humans. One would be called a fool if he decides to chase a degree in what they call a”Useless course “. It is only in this current generation chasing your dreams and passion is a crime or makes you look unwise.
Speaking about chasing your dreams with passion, when Steve Jobs started The Apple Inc in his mother’s garage so many people laughed at his dream, mocked him. He might have just taken what was given to him and have bin ordinary but he didn’t, even in his Death his legacy lives on in the various apple products like the Macbooks, Ipads, the Iphones etc. I wonder how foolish Thomas Edison inventor or Benjamin Franklin when he was flying a Kite with a Key attached to the string on a rainy day might have looked. Yet these men have Legendized themselves by leaving a mark in history, we learnt about them growing up.

Chasing dreams shouldn’t be a crime, it should be supported as you never know you just might be making history. We as humans have to strive to write our names in the history books. How we live our lives today would determine if we We get several chapters, a chapter, a paragraph, or a line or footnotes or not even relevant when history is written. When chasing dreams also be careful to be sure it is your own dream you chase and not your parents dreams or the society dreams, but your dreams. Chasing the wrong dreams can lead to a frustrated, unhappy future where you aren’t productive to yourself or society. An artiste once sang Many are Alive but aren’t Living. The choices you make are what you have to live with in years to come, but even then as long as you have passion, and you are determined not to be held back you can still chase your dreams just that you aren’t chasing when you had the time (in your youth when you had so much energy) .

When you have been inspired, when you have chased your dream and achieved don’t just kill the fire, pass the torch, let orders see that there is hope, point the path out. You have been inspired by the world be sure to pass on this inspiration, let the world be inspired by you, the future would be brighter.