Waiting is something everyone has to go through, especially in Nigeria where we wait for almost everything. We wait for light, for admissions, we wait for change etc. Naturally in life we wait for everything, if you are about to get married you’ll have to wait till the said date, if you are having a child you’ll have to wait till the due date, If you applied for a job you have to wait till you get that call for an Interview and if you are waiting for admissions you have to wait till whoever decides your fate makes up their mind and posts the admissions list.
So while you wait here are some tips as to what to do while you wait.

Sesan’s Guide to Waiting
1. Do not be afraid : it’s easy to get scared, have thoughts that what if it doesn’t happen, what if I don’t just wasted my time etc. Fear is the greatest bane to waiting for anything rather than getting scared pray, praise or get yourself busy.
2. Get busy: rather than being afraid and giving yourself high blood pressure get busy. Do something, volunteer somewhere, engage in some community service just don’t give room for idleness.
3. Prepare for the Next step: to avoid being caught unawares start preparing for what comes next. If it’s a job, start shopping for work clothes, study books on workplace ethics and professionalism etc.
4. Live in the now: while you are waiting it is easy to get caught up with the future but it’s better to just be patient, take everyday as it comes and make the most of the present in front of you.
5. Be Positive: positivity is the best thing while expecting, they say if you want something and you believe it so much it just might happen. Give no room for negative thoughts, just have faith that it would come through.

So while you wait feel free to apply my steps, it’s has helped me so far and it still helps, so do what you must. See u at the finish line.