Saving a life, is it really possible to save a life? Is saving lives really worth it? Who can save a life? and How can one save a life. These were the questions running through my mind as I settled to write this post. The answer to this questions are everywhere around us.

How to save a life, reminds me of the song by The Fray funny enough only the how to save a life part stuck to my head. I woke up on a Thursday morning, typically these days around 5:30am to switch of my alarms only to sleep back and wake up around 6:00am or 6:05am. This has been a normal thing as I wake up to do my morning prayers, study the word of God and lay down back trying to meditate on all I read, most times I end up snoozing only to wake up 6:40am or 6:50 am to head to the bath, clean my room, and do a few house chores before heading out to work around 7:50 am which is about 2minutes walk from my apartment. Only today I wasn’t going to work, I had community development service. This Thursday was going to be different from the previous as I wasn’t rushing to get to the NYSC secretariat for a two hour meeting, we were actually getting to do some community service.
The project involved in this community service was a Health Talk, and administration of a few test (HIV, Blood pressure, Blood sugar and counselling). So I got to the project site which was a Government Senior Secondary School at the army barracks, Keffi, Nasarawa state, Nigeria. The Health talk started on a good note, and as my colleagues a doctor was giving the talk on Substance abuse, (which is a real problem in secondary schools these days with the popular culprit Tramdol), I let my mind wander back in time as I looked at these students to a time when I myself was like them. 2008 was the year fresh in Senior school and we were loving it, the Blazers, the uniform and everything, hormones was on an all time high as the topic for the health talk during my time was Sex and Abstinence. The talk was being given by a physician who spoke on the adverse effects of unprotected sex, the consequences and possible addiction when engaged at a young age, that single act was one of the things that made me the man I am today, as I was able to avoid some things that would have jeopardised my education such as fathering a child when I wasn’t ready, getting expelled and having to drop out of school. This talk then put me back in line and today I am here wiser. Safe to say my life was saved that day. Back to the school hall where my colleagues and I embarked on this little project to educate these kids on substance abuse, I felt a sense of fulfilment and joy as I knew in one way me might just have saved a couple of lives. There is a saying that I picked up listening to a radio show by the Late Chaz B “If one could reach one, then one could teach one”. As we did our best to educate we were reaching these kids who would then grow to be useful to the society later teaching others through their lives. There are so many ways to save a life, one doesn’t have to be superman to catch someone falling off a building or to stop a derailed train or catch a speeding bullet, but the simple things such as a kind word of encouragement, advice, simple good deeds and the Legacy of Literacy we live on now. If only we can reach that person who needs saving we could teach and save a life.

In our daily life let us try to live a life worthy of emulation, impacting people as we go as you never know that person you were kind to, or u advised or you smiled at or you made feel good about their self might have needed saving. So you can Save a life everyday. I will end by quoting my Colleague Dr Gabriel lolo who said at the end of his health talk,” As long as Books remain closed, Destinies would remain Closed”. Think on that, and Save a life today.