Hey guys it’s been a while I posted, I was in the trenches bad network, busy with work and some other things. I am back now, so today would be talking about a very basic question I have asked myself a thousand times, I am still unclear about my “why”.

I have heard all those stories from people about how the “why” hit them like a lightening bolt, about how they had that emphatic moment, how inspiration hit them like a ton of brick. It’s not been that easy for me, not being hit like a lightening bolt or a ton of bricks. What ever my why is its been eluding me like sleep after 3 cups of pure black coffee, why do I want to do what I want to do. Don’t bother trying to answer, I come from a society where in life you are either a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, a lawyer, an accountant, economist or a disgrace to the family. While we were growing we were always told that a time would come when the ball would be in our courts but in my society the ball is in your court but u have your parents doing most of the plays for you so much that after some time you just ask how did I even get here? Like you were on autopilot.

What is my why, why do I want to be this, is it because of the lifestyle , prestige or the respect that comes with the profession or because I have that genuine desire to help my fellow man, or that feeling I get in my gut when I see someone really sick and the best I can say is sorry. It’s really hard sitting on the side watching while everything is being done and after its over you just stay there wishing you did something. Even though you had to power to save them atleast you can say you tried your best. There are many ways to do this, be a nurse, be in the medical profession or be a social worker. I used to think being a doctor was all about saving lives or being called Dr, growing up I realised there is a lot to being a doctor that saving lives you actually get front row seats to watch people die, there isn’t a guarantee that you would save every life you touch. As a doctor you try to assure families all would be well even though all looks gloom, you fail, you win, but the best part about being a doctor other that the science should be the patient from my opinion. The Smile from a patient even though he/she knows death is imminent, the hope you see in their eyes, the hope you try to give them, the care taking all this are the satisfaction that comes with the profession, so if out of the many who are un-savable there are that few who have hope and those who say thank you or those who smile or those who hug you. This things are what motivates one to spend the donkey years at Medical school, study a lot, sacrifice sleep, and miss out on those outing with friends and family. The peace and satisfaction that come in helping a patient.
Maybe this is a Why, my advice to readers when looking for a why is would you get satisfaction after making your choice. Have a lovely week ahead.