It’s was a long day, the buzz of the day still lingers, the voice of the lecturer hounding on about the clinical significance of the “branchial plexus” and in the backdrop the hum of the airconditioner.
It was a really long day, it started with the annoying buzzing of the alarm at 6am after an all-nighter with about 2hours of sleep. It paid off the lectures seem to be sinking in, the notes don’t look so huge as he seems to have covered it, most especially his parents money wasn’t wasting. Its been a blur of events from the waking, to the long walk to the tap for some water, to the running to the lecture halls. The new lecturer isn’t too friendly but he has to be liked he knows his Biochemistry. The minutes from the first class seemed to stretch and the attention span for an average man had begun wearing thing, just when he thought it was over the lecturer utter those words that everyone dreaded..” Test!! ” next week. Practical classes followed, then a quickie with the Biochemistry notes for the day at the library.. can’t let notes pile. He was beginning to get tired of “The Nervous System”, the dreaded four letter word was sounded again bringing him out of his reverie. They must be trying to kill him, can’t complain this was what he signed up for. Class over, a little group discussion with fellow classmates, he looks out the window the skies beginning to darken he realises he hadn’t had lunch. Dinner is made, skies are really dark the night illuminated by the half moon, it’s 9pm now and the tests hang in his mind. He tries to catch some shut-eye, the test haunts him still, he rises up sits at his desk, replying the pings left on his BlackBerry Messenger, preparing to switch off his data, he is “Looking down the barrel of another all-nighter”.