Conformity is real big in the society these days, that need to act like everyone does, be like everyone is… well you might call it trending, I call it conformity.
A man/woman has to have a choice of how he/she wishes to be, act, dress, talk etc. They say learn everything but still think for yourself, it’s a shame that people have conformed so much they don’t know that they are conforming, they would say well it’s my choice.. is it really now?.
Think again why should you be the way the society wishes to see you, act like they want you to act. Everyone has a right to be himself. Conformity is a sign of weakness, because you are afraid was what’s uncommon, you would rather do what everyone has done or is doing because it’s convenient? It is the responsibility of every man to find himself, well if the “You” that you found is what’s in vogue, well kudos just don’t have a double standard because as soon as what’s in vogue changes the “You” would change.
Society has conformed people today that it has to be done like this, this is the way it has always been. There is freedom in being unconventional. Most great people won’t have been great if they had stayed conventional.
Finding yourself is a long journey which involves observing a lot and then discerning the true “You”.
Don’t be afraid to be Different, people will hate you for it and would call you weird. They called all extraordinary people weird. Have a nice unconventional day.