Lagos city, created May 27, 1967 well I guess they say the city never sleeps, might I add neither does it rest. Funny thing is in lagos every one seems to be going somewhere or coming from somewhere, even on the streets people always walking there or coming from there, damn don’t they rest?. Well I love the city still, some dude said if you can make it in New-york u can make it anywhere…i’ll say if you can make it (Legitimately of course) in Lagos then you can make it anywhere. The hustle in Lagos( Lasgidi) never ends even around 3am everyone hustling, from the beggars, to the corporate people, to my igbo brothers always selling something, to the self employed and the Whores(unna hustle strong oh). Still I got love for the City, there’s always something to laugh about. Starting from the Public bus drivers, conductors, the Haggling and the crazy driving. You can’t just vex in Lagos if not you’d just die young… you just gotta smile through the B.S.
They also say If u stay in Lagos and you are not sharp you can’t be sharp in life. ..